The Partnership for Infrastructure Project Excellence (PIPE) is dedicated to improving the way infrastructure projects are bid. The association works to identify inefficiencies and eliminate barriers through policies that encourage fair competition and prudent use of budgets within state and federal transportation departments.

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Competition saves money

The infrastructure industry is evolving as plastic pipe becomes more widely accepted as the best choice for stormwater management. However, in some jurisdictions, plastic pipe is still restricted in its use, despite volumes of evidence supporting its superior benefits. There are decision-makers rewriting policies, but there is opposition from industries associated with legacy materials. The Drainage Division is working to create a level playing field and an environment of open competition. The cost savings of open competition are substantial, for municipalities and

Studies have shown that when open competition is allowed, material costs for public projects can drop dramatically. These savings are not based on ‘cheaper’ materials, but instead result from competition driving down the bid costs.