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PPI's BCD Division

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A brief overview and introduction to the Building and Construction Division (BCD), one of the Divisions of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI).

BCD Field Reports

The following videos illustrate projects which have been awarded the prestigious BCD Project of the Year Award.

The 970-foot-long pedestrian bridge at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, UT utilizes a hydronic snow and ice melting system combining PEX tubing from REHAU with PP-RCT piping from Uponor.

Videos on PEX Installation

The following videos about the use of PEX tubing for plumbing applications were filmed by NAHB-Research Center in 2006. These videos do not include the full variety of PEX tubing products and fitting systems which are available today.

PEX Plumbing - Introduction

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Introduction to PEX Plumbing systems. Since this video was filmed in 2005, the PEX plumbing industry has grown tremendously.

PEX Tubing - Sizes and Colors

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Description of the wide range of sizes and colors in which PEX is available. Today, PEX tubing ranges from ¼" to 4" nominal.

PEX Support Bends

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A fast technique for making sweeps without using fittings. These are available in steel or plastic.

PEX Tubing Using Crimp Ring Fittings

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A popular joining technique. Crimp ring fittings are available in brass, copper or polymer, while the rings are copper.

PEX Systems Using Manifold

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Both time and materials may be saved when plumbing with the use of manifolds, now available in copper or plastic.

PEX Using Compression-Sleeve Fittings

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This video describes the ASTM F2080 fitting system which uses brass fittings with metal compression-sleeves around the tubing.