MISSION STATEMENT: To educate and promote to engineers, utilities, contractors and the public use of high-performance HDPE as the material of choice for water piping systems due to its longevity, durability, corrosion resistance, fatigue endurance, leak prevention and low life-cycle cost.

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High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years. HDPE's heat-fused joints create a leak free, self restraint, monolithic pipe structure that allows the pipe to be pulled from one area to another with minimum disruption to traffic or the environment; the fused joint will also eliminate infiltration into the pipe and exfiltration into the environment. HDPE has other benefits which include chemical, abrasion, fatigue, seismic and corrosion resistance.

HDPE has been used in drinking water pipe applications for almost 50 years and has been gaining approval and growth in municipalities ever since. HDPE is specified and/or approved in AWWA C901, AWWA C906, NSF 14, NSF 61 and ASTM International D3035. Also, HDPE has been is use for sewer pipe applications for more than 30 years. Independent testing of HDPE in sewer service for 25 years showed no significant changes in the material's physical or chemical properties. Also, HDPE's unique characteristics have made it the product of choice for numerous mining pipe applications. It is a proven product in rugged terrains, extreme climates and changing site environments. HDPE is also preferred in industrial pipe applications because the hazardous nature of some chemicals being transported in industrial pipe applications is protected by HDPE's fused joint.

Design Life: Properly designed, installed, and operated HDPE (PE4710) water piping systems have a design life exceeding 100 years based on cyclic fatigue (see PPIPACE.com and PE4710), internal pressure (see TEPPFA and CSIRO), and oxidation (see TN-44 and TN-49).

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe Systems


The Municipal Advisory Board works to improve the design, installation, and operation of municipal HDPE water piping systems through the creation of partnerships among utilities, researchers, designers, contractors, and the HDPE industry. You can find more information HERE.