The Drainage Division Mission: To enhance stormwater management systems in communities across North America by advocating for the expanded use of sustainable and resilient plastic pipe systems.

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Corrugated Plastic Pipe – Outperforms in the most demanding environments. The Drainage Division, a division of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) provides drainage and stormwater systems management solutions and includes members who focus on gravity flow drainage applications.


Corrugated plastic pipe is a tough material. It's one of the most chemically inert drainage products available making it highly resistant to corrosive gases and chemicals. It does not rust and is highly resistant to abrasion. Joints are watertight in gravity drainage applications. Yet corrugated plastic pipe is highly flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for maneuvering in congested utility corridors, adjusting to unique site conditions or traversing difficult terrain.


You can expect a service life of 100 years in typical drainage applications. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, corrugated plastic pipe outperforms in environments that damage other materials. Acidic soil and runoff from road salts are common problems that can shorten the life of other drainage pipes to just a few years. Corrugated plastic pipe will last for decades in the same environment.

Years of extensive research by AASHTO and various state DOTs have validated the performance of corrugated plastic pipe under difficult loading conditions. Corrugated plastic pipes are designed to interact with the surrounding soils and carry HL-93 live loads (HL-93 is a pair of 25.kip axles spaced 4 ft apart) with just 12 in of cover in most cases. The soil and pipe interaction allows corrugated plastic pipe to be buried beneath deep fills without having to worry about different pipe classes.


Corrugated plastic pipe is ideal for new installations or replacing deteriorating infrastructure. The Drainage Division works to help end-users understand the important technical, performance and environmental benefits — and the cost effectiveness. We work to educate engineers, public agencies, contractors and installers, farmers, homeowners and environmental agencies, organizations and individuals concerned with sustainable infrastructure.


Expect significant cost savings with corrugated plastic pipe as it installs quickly and easily. With less than 10% of the weight of concrete pipe, it’s easier and safer to handle and make field adjustments, which reduces installation cost and time. The pipe is manufactured in longer pipe lengths than reinforced concrete pipe, which means fewer joints and more efficient installation. Secure and leak-resistant joints can be installed quickly with bell and gasketed spigot joints. Fast installation also reduces the duration of traffic disruptions often associated with underground installations.


Corrugated plastic pipe has environmental advantages throughout its entire product life. Compared to other types of pipe, plastic pipe has a smaller carbon footprint as it requires much less energy to fabricate, transport and install.  It is an inert material that does not emit or leach toxins into the environment during production or installed use. Plastic pipes achieve the highest service life ratings compared to other materials. At the end of its service life, plastic pipe is highly recyclable.