Jessie Stein, PE   Senior Engineer - Operations Arlington Water Utilities Arlington, TX
Marisa Boyce, PE   Large Diameter Pipeline & Aqueduct Section East Bay Municipal Utility District Oakland, CA
David Freireich, PE   Chief Utility Engineer City of Round Rock Round Rock, TX
Todd Jorgenson   Gas & Water Operations Director Austin Utilities Austin, MN
Robert Justus   Utilities Field Inspector City of Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Holly Link   Engineering Support Coordinator Colorado Springs Utilities Colorado Springs, CO
Ryan McKaskle, PE, CFM   Lead Engineer Water Design City of Tulsa Engineering Services Department Tulsa, OK
Nelson Perez-Jacome   City Engineer City of Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL
Lance Rothe, P.E.   Manager Eastside Operations Center San Antonio, TX
Eric Shaffer, PE Standards Chair Chief Engineer for Utilities City of Duluth Duluth, MN
Dave Stewart   Asst. Director of Public Works/ CIP City of Lago Vista Lago Vista, TX
Matthew A. Wirtz, PE   Deputy Director of City Utilities City of Ft Wayne Ft Wayne, IN
Dr. Mo Najafi, PE R&D Chair Director CUIRE University of Texas Arlington, TX
Dr. Alan Atalah, PE   Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH
Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E.   Professor Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
Luis Aguiar MAB Co-Chair Senior Associate Hazen And Sawyer, Miami Dade Water & Sewers Dept. (Past) Coral Gables, FL
E. Alan Ambler, PE   President AM Trenchless, City of Casselberry (Past) Casselberry, FL
John Fishburne, PE   Associate Freese & Nichols, Charlotte Water (Past) Charlotte, NC
Greg Scoby, PE Utility Chair President Crossbore Consultants, City of Palo Alto, CA (Ret.) Los Gatos, CA
Steven R Kramer, PE   Senior Vice President - Tunnel COWI North America, Inc. Springfield, NJ
Joe Castronovo, PE   President ASCE UESI, AECOM (Ret.) Blue Ridge, GA
Ernest Lever   R&D Director/Infrastructure Sector Gas Technology Institute Des Plaines, IL
Kevin Miller Education Chair President Miller Pipeline Corp Indianapolis, IN
Todd Grafenauer   Educational Director Murphy Pipeline Contractors Milwaukee, WI
David Mancini   President David Mancini & Sons Miami, FL
Camille Rubeiz, PE MAB Co-Chair Senior Director of Engineering PPI Fairfax, VA
   Past Members
Dr Sam T. Ariaratnam, PE   Professor & Program Chair of Construction Engineering Arizona State University Tempe, AZ
Mike Heitmann   President Garney Construction Kansas Kansas City, MO
Milton Keys   Network Asset Manager, Engineering Services Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC Indianapolis, IN
Dr. Mark Knight, PE   Executive Director, CATT Center University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON
Matthew T. Klein   Director of Resource Planning Citizens Energy Group Indianapolis, IN
Jonathan Leung, PE   Manager of Infrastructure Programs Los Angeles DWP Los Angeles, CA
George McGuire   Research Project Manager Ditch Witch Perry, OK
Dr. Ken Oliphant, P. Eng.   Executive Vice President JANA Aurora, ON
Dr Larry Slavin   President Outside Plant Consulting Services Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Dan Smolik   Senior Project Manager GARNEY Construction Kansas City, MO
Serge Terentieff, PE   Distribution Systems Engineering EBMUD Oakland, CA
Rafael Ortega, PE   Vice President LAN Houston, TX
Collins K. Orton     TT Technologies (ret.) Redwood City, CA
Fred Ostler, PE   General Manager Joint Powers Water Board Green River, WY
Chad E. Owens, PE   Assistant Manager, Natural Gas & Water Engineering City of Springfield Springfield, MO