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Earthquake HDPE Pipe Video Cornell 16 Test Inside

Earthquake HDPE Pipe Video Cornell 16 Test Top Down

The New Normal For Natural Disasters - Tom O'Rourke

HDPE Practice Tension Test

Seismic Design Buried Pipe

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City of Lago Vista, TX: HDPE-only Water Pipe

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Case study detailing this city's implementation of HDPE-only, leak-free water pipe systems.

HDPE in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Swagelining in New Orleans

Pipe Bursting Water Main at Arlington, VA National Cemetery

College Utilities (AK) Expand their Water Distribution System with HDPE

King County, WA sewer project failed soon after installation, costing millions to fix

PPI's M&I Division

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A brief overview and introduction to the Municipal & Industrial Division (MID), one of the Divisions of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI).

HDPE Waurika Lake Water Intake project, Oklahoma, 2016

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