JULY 2000

The Plastics Pipe Institute issues Annual Statistics for 1999

WASHINGTON DC (July 2000) North American shipments of polyethylene pipe, tube and conduit totaled 1.4 billion pounds in 1999, an 18.8% increase from the 1998 rate of 1.2 billion pounds, according to the 1999 Statistical Review released today by the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI). The report provides an estimate in pounds of the volume of pipe, tubing and conduit shipped to five market segments, including water, gas distribution, oil/gas production, industrial sewers, and export/other markets. Data is also provided on shipments of polyethylene pipe, tube and conduit from 1997-1999 as well as on total market volumes from 1982-1999.

The 1999 Statistical Review is based on information compiled by the Plastics Pipe Institute, and is interpreted by PPI's statistical committee. For a copy of this report, contact the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc., 1825 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 680, Washington, DC 20009. Or call (202) 462-9607, Ext. 17. The report can be accessed on our website, www.plasticpipe.org. The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. is the voice for members involved in manufacturing and distributing plastics-based piping systems. PPI's agenda includes draft standards development, education programs, publication of technical, statistical and general reports, and ongoing liaisons with industry, education and government groups.