Extensive Damage

For extensive damage, for which replacement of a pipe section is required, the following hardware solutions are appropriate for providing permanent repairs for most water distribution applications:

  • Circumferentially bolted mechanical coupling
  • Radially bolted mechanical restraint with MJ gasket
  • Compression fittings (various types), using internal stiffeners, with full axial restraint capability, as available (depends on pipe size; typically available in small diameters)

Circumferentially Bolted Couplings

These products, when intended for HDPE pipe systems and installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, provide sealed, axially restrained joints. Unless otherwise specified, it is generally recommended that all couplings used with HDPE should have a stiffener installed to increase the sealing capability of the coupling by minimizing the effects of creep and dimensional changes due to temperature variations.

The above list, which is not necessarily in order of priority, is not intended to suggest that other mechanical solutions or products are not acceptable, including new products that continually evolve or are being introduced, but primarily to provide a starting point for those utilities that have not yet determined their own acceptable repair solution.

(Courtesy Star Pipe Products)

Radially Bolted Mechanical Restraint

These couplings may be used to connect a replacement spool piece of HDPE, and possibly other materials, for repairing a damaged section of an HDPE pipeline. (See section on Spool Repairs.)

(Courtesy EBBA Iron, Inc.)

Radially Bolted Mechanical Restraint
(dissimilar pipe materials)