Once again, the lighter weight, longer length and inherent flexibility of plastic pipe all add up to lower installation costs at the job-site and a reduced carbon footprint for the system installed. In traditional open trench installations, the lighter weight of plastic pipe means less heavy duty equipment required to lift, manuever and install each section of pipe. Longer pipe lengths and lighter weight means more utility pipe footage can be installed per day, with smaller construction crews and less energy-intensive heavy construction equipment.

Plastic pipe is a preferred piping product for trenchless installation techniques such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), slip-lining and pipe bursting due to its inherent flexibility, overall toughness and the strength of heat fused joints. These state-of-the-industry installation techniques utilizing durable plastic pipe represent a highly cost-effective, environmentally responsible and expedient approach to pipeline construction with minimum damage to the local environment, lower energy consumption and minimum disruption to the community at large. (6)