The integrity of the butt and socket fusion joining technique for polyethylene (PE) pipe has been proven by the test of time in a variety of applications.

In addition, the manufacturers of PE pipe and fittings have made every effort to make the systems as comprehensive as possible by producing a variety of fittings and components to insure compatibility with alternate piping materials and system appurtenances. Thus, PE pipe or fittings may be joined to each other by heat fusion or with mechanical fittings. PE pipe may be joined to other pipe materials by means of compression fittings, flanges, or other qualified types of manufactured transition fittings. The joining methods cover both large and small diameter pipe.

There are many types and styles of fittings available from which the user may choose. Each offers its particular advantages and limitations for each joining situation the user may encounter. Contact with the various manufacturers is advisable for guidance in proper applications and styles available for joining.