Pipe Bursting Water Mains

The most common materials for existing water mains are cast iron, ductile iron, and PVC. All three can be replaced by pipe bursting but each requires a different pipe bursting approach. Cast iron pipe is a relatively brittle material, and therefore, basic pipe bursting system is sufficient. PVC pipes require multi-blade cutting accessories in front of the bursting head to facilitate cutting the pipe. Ductile iron pipe is not brittle; therefore, pipe splitting is the most suitable bursting system.
Valves are connected to PE pipe using mechanical joint (MJ) adapters, which are butt fused to the PE pipe. A gland ring is then used to make a restrained connection to ductile iron valves. As shown below, connections to PVC or ductile iron pipes can be made using a female MJ connector, which is butt fused to the PE pipe. This connection provides a restrained connection.

Connection to Existing PVC or DI Pipes Using Female MJ Adapter